Since launching our AF collections we could never have imagined the spectrum of responses we've received from friends and family, new customers or even random people at the State Fair asking about our shirts. Many have commented on loving our cheeky take on MN Nice or liked how the AF collections mix the values of the North with a hint of edginess. Others have approached us with a confused look, not understanding what AF means, and then are shocked when we explain it to them. By far our favorite response has been this exchange between a friend of ours (who was kind enough to share this with us and shall remain anonymous) and her kids. Enjoy, it's Funny AF!!

AF chain.png

If you're hoping to avoid an uncomfortable conversation with your kids or your mom (guilty) about what your AF t-shirt or coffee mug means, just tell them it means "And Funny" or "And Friendly". Any F-word will do.

Just wait until we have to explain BDE ๐Ÿ˜ง