BDE: What is it and Who has it?

BDE— what is it and who has it? Well typically you know it when you see it but consider the following BDE 101. Class is now in session.

Definition: BDE stands for BIG DICK ENERGY and started taking pop culture by storm in June 2018. Thanks internet!!! By the way physical endowment has nothing to do with it.

BDE is a quiet confidence, swagger and charisma exuded by both men and women alike, who are comfortable being themselves and giving absolutely zero fucks about what others think. It’s not cockiness, it’s not a power trip — it’s the opposite: a healthy, satisfied, low-key way to express confidence in yourself. It’s an aura, a vibe. What Kanye calls Dragon Energy.

History: BDE’s origin isn’t completely clear but it’s usually attributed to singer Ariana Grande and her fiancé, comedian Pete Davidson.


When Grande and Davidson announced their engagement after only a few weeks of dating, it left many fans and most pop culture critics scratching their heads. But shortly after, when Grande was promoting her upcoming album, Sweetener, which has an interlude devoted to Davidson, a fan on Twitter innocently asked how long the interlude was. Grande’s response was anything but innocent.


The response, which has since been deleted, sparked immediately Twitter conversation in addition to providing an explanation for the stars mutual attraction. Twitter user @babyvietcong took it to another level by lifting the phrasing “big dick energy” from an early June tweet by @imbobswaget and applying it to Davidson.


Immediately it was the topic du jour for BuzzFeed, The Cut and other pop culture websites and podcasts, all debating the BDE merits of various celebrities. And you can now even take a quiz on BuzzFeed to see what percent Big Dick Energy you are.

Identification: The intangible and subjective nature of BDE is the very reason people can’t stop talking about it. It is a designation, yes, but also an inquiry. So who has it? Jon Hamm, yup! Rihanna, most definitely! Betty White— You Betcha!!! But the fun is debating it, what it means to you and therefore, who has it and who doesn’t.

So there you go. BDE!!!

Class dismissed.


Since launching our AF collections we could never have imagined the spectrum of responses we've received from friends and family, new customers or even random people at the State Fair asking about our shirts. Many have commented on loving our cheeky take on MN Nice or liked how the AF collections mix the values of the North with a hint of edginess. Others have approached us with a confused look, not understanding what AF means, and then are shocked when we explain it to them. By far our favorite response has been this exchange between a friend of ours (who was kind enough to share this with us and shall remain anonymous) and her kids. Enjoy, it's Funny AF!!

AF chain.png

If you're hoping to avoid an uncomfortable conversation with your kids or your mom (guilty) about what your AF t-shirt or coffee mug means, just tell them it means "And Funny" or "And Friendly". Any F-word will do.

Just wait until we have to explain BDE 😧

Welcome to North Coast Soul


Welcome to North Coast Soul!!

When we created this brand we wanted to reflect our values and inspirations in addition to the places that have shaped us as people.  Life is too short so we try to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.  We believe that a brand should feel genuine, have personality and in our case, a little edge. Most importantly we believe that we are part of a global community, and that it's our responsibility to put something positive out into the world and to give back wherever possible, starting in our own backyards.  Be Nice AF!!!

So we created North Coast Soul, a lifestyle brand that mixes the chill vibes of the Left Coast (our second home but only in our hearts) with a humility and humanity that can only be found here in the North, creating something that's eclectic, funky and always soulful.  We believe in celebrating the adventures of everyday life and looking great while doing good.  That's why we're committed to give back 10% of our profits to benefit local causes.  Regularly we will be highlighting and celebrating a local cause/organization that is making a positive impact in our communities and talk about how our contributions are making a difference. 

Thank you for shopping North Coast Soul. We are sincerely humbled and Grateful AF.